License to Publish

In order to publish your manuscript, it is obligatory to submit your copyright agreement.  Please go through the terms of this license. 

  • By submitting your article for publication to one of our publications, you promise that the article is your original work, has not previously been published, and is not currently under consideration by another publication.  You also certified that the article does not, to the best of your knowledge, contain anything that is libellous, illegal or infringes anyone's copyright and other rights.  If the manuscript contains material that is someone else's copyright, you promise that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to use the material and that the material is clearly identified and acknowledge in the text.  
  • We promise that we will respect your rights as the author(s).  That is, we will make sure that your name(s) is/are always clearly associated with the article and, while you do allow us to make necessary editorial changes, we will not make any substantial alterations to your manuscript without consulting you.  
  • You are free to use the manuscript version of your article for internal, educational or other purposes of your own institution or company.