Volume 14, Issue 1, May 2012

Design of Dual Feed Dual Polarization Printed Slot Antenna [Full Text]

A.R. Mallahzadeh and M.H. Amini

Abstract A dual polarized printed slot antenna is proposed. By means of dual feed one in the form of coplanar waveguide (CPW) and another microstrip transmission line, dual orthogonal linear polarizations are achieved. The radiator consists of a square ring patch located on the upper surface of a substrate. The patch is electromagnetically exited through the microstrip feed line for vertical polarization and CPW feed for horizontal one. To have a bidirectional radiation pattern, the ground plane is defected by a square slot. The antenna is designed to cover 2.4 GHz band that is suitable for  wireless local area network. The reflection coefficient of the proposed antenna is simulated and good results is achieved. Far field radiation pattern of the antenna is also simulated and symmetrical radiation patterns is obtained through this design. The simulation results are carried out by commercially available software package HFSS.


Efficient Active Noise Cancellation Using Pruning Technique of ANN [Full Text]

Himanshu Purohit, Chakresh Kumar, Neelam Dhankar and Ghanendra Kumar

Abstract Active noise cancellation (ANC) has wide application in next generation human machine interaction to automobile and HVAC devices . we are using pruning technique to prune non- functional neuron’s (algorithm) from ANC network , which makes only best neurons responsible for noise cancellation. Neurons are classified as different algorithm e.g. LMS,FSLMS,FXLMS and VFXLMS. Performance of neurons depends upon instantaneous surrounding conditions. So a efficient noval approach for ANC has been proposed.