Volume 15, Issue 1, July 2012

An Automated Petri-Net Based Approach for Change Management in Distributed Telemedicine Environment [Full Text]

S. Mtibaa and M. Tagina

Abstract— The worldwide healthcare industry is facing a number of daunting challenges which are forcing healthcare systems worldwide to adapt and transform, and will ultimately completely redefine the way they do business and deliver care for patients. In this paper, we present a distributed telemedicine environement reaping from both the benefits of Service Oriented Approach (SOA) and the strong telecoms capabilities. We propose an automated approach to handle changes in a distributed telemedicine environement. A combined Petri nets model to handle changes and Reconfigurable Petri nets model to react to these changes are used to fulfill telemedicine functional and non functional requirements. 


Cell Phone and J2ME Based Home Automation System with Feedback Instant Voice Messages Support [Full Text]

Mahmoud shaker Nasr.

Abstract —This paper introduces a friendly system to control the home appliances remotely by the use of mobile cell phones; this system is well known as "Home Automation System" (HAS). The designed system covers the most important required fac- tors in home automation system such as flexibility, security, easy to use, the ability to feedback information to the client imme- diately, ... etc. The presented system uses the J2ME language to program the client mobile which sends information to the service mobile and this controls the operation of the appliances via a PIC microcontroller which connected to it and pro- grammed in such a way that introduces the main characteristics of the system. Optocoupler and static power switch (TRAIC) are used as the interface devices between the PIC and the home appliances. 


Optimal Design, Analysis and Evaluation of Active 9-11 GHz Band Pass Filter for Various Orders for SAR applications [Full Text] 

P Yadav, K Parandham Gowd and A Khare

Abstract – Technologies have advanced rapidly in the design of filters to enhance effectiveness of Signal to Noise Ratio for mobile communications including SAR applications. In this research work Butter worth active band pass filter for 9 to 11 GHz for various orders of 32, 20, 15 and 10 was designed using XILINX and MATLAB software. This was optimized, analysed and evaluated for different orders keeping the sampling frequency at 48 GHz and Kiser window 0.5 Beta. This 9 to 11 GHz band pass filter was analysed for different orders and the results are analyzed and presented.