Volume 22, Issue 2, November 2013

Joint Power Control and Interference Coordination for LTE-Advanced Het-Nets [Full Text]

Irfan Ahmed

Abstract— In this research paper, we present the joint resource allocation and power control for LTE-Advanced cellular system. Hetrogeneous networks (HetNets) combined with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access (OFDMA) technology has been widely recognized as a promising candidate for future cellular infrastructure due to the performance enhancement by flexible resource allocation schemes. Most of the existing schemes aim to optimize single cell performance gain. However, the higher frequency reuse factor and smaller cell size requirement lead to severe inter-cell interference problem. Therefore, the multi-cell resource allocation of subchannel, time scheduling and power have been jointly considered to alleviate the severe inter-cell interference problem. Simulation results show the efficacy of proposed scheme as compared to the round robin and proportional fairness schemes. 


Ideal Grounded Supercapacitor Using a DVCCTA [Full Text]

R.Nandi, Sagarika Das and P. Venkateswaran

Abstract- The simulation of grounded ideal frequency dependent negative resistor (FDNR) type supercapacitor(D) with driving point admittance function of Y(s) = s2D is proposed.The design uses a single differential voltage current conveyor transcapacitive amplifier(DVCCTA) building block with a single grounded passive RC section. Effects of the device port errors(e) and parasitic capacitors have been shown to be negligible. Some applications of the supercapacitor in high –Q tunable selective filter and quadrature oscillator design along with experimental results are presented.