Volume 23, Issue 2, January 2014

Sierpinski Triangular Antenna on a Mushroom-like EBG Metamaterial Ground Plane [Full Text]

S. Sahandabadi, F.H. Kashani and M. Fallah

Abstract— In this paper, a triangular microstrip patch antenna with fractal geometry and microstrip feedline is designed, simulated and fabricated on two substrates: traditional substrate and Electromagnetic Band-Gap (EBG) ground plane. The simulation of these antennas is conducted using Ansoft HFSS software. Corresponding results for return loss and radiation pattern of the antennas is demonstrated for simulation and fabrication. The triangular fractal antenna with traditional ground plane (PEC ground plane) is simulated and the results have been compared with the antenna placed on EBG ground plane. Antenna is designed to operate in X band and at 8.85 GHz of resonance frequency. The basic designed model has the dimension of 11.8984 on a substrate with 1.575mm thickness and 2.2 of permittivity. 


Dynamics of Gaussian Pulse inside Optical fiber with particular consideration of Pulse Broadening [Full Text]

Chandra Kamal Borgohain, Satyajit Bora and Chakresh Kumar

Abstract— The main aim of this paper is to implement the effect of pulse broadening of Gaussian pulse propagation inside optical fiber. Analysisof Gaussianpulses; chirped Gaussian pulses and super Gaussian pulses are done by modifying the Nonlinear Schrodingerequation (NLSE).Further we have analyzed the pulse broadening at different propagation distances.The highest amplitude of the pulse observed at zero kilometer, and the amplitude decreases when the pulse travels for longer distances.And the boarding factor of chirped Gaussian and super Gaussian pulseswith the propagation distance is also observed.