Volume 32, Issue 1, February 2016

Analysis of spurious RF signal caused by retardation in optical two-tone signal generator utilizing polarisation manipulation [Full Text]

Akito Chiba, Yosuke Akamatsu, and Kazumasa Takada

We evaluate the spurious RF power due to retardation in a polarization-maintaining optical fiber constituting an optical two-tone (OTT) signal generator for RF frequency quadrupling. The OTT signal generator relies on polarization manipulation to suppress undesired carrier, so retardation would degrade the second-order RF spurious signal in the optical/electrical conversion signal obtained from the OTT signal. Our analysis found that a 6-dB degradation of carrier suppression originates in a 0.2-rad retardation, which results in a 1.7-dB increase in the second-order spurious RF signal.