Volume 35, Issue 1, November 2016

Optimization of Smart Grid Communication Network in a Het-Net Environment Using a Cost Function [Full Text]

Vahid Kouhdaragh

Abstract— In Smart Grids (SG), the heterogeneous nodes composing the SG structure should communicate different types of information with specific requirements to the Control Stations. A heterogeneous wireless network is generally composed by several Radio Access Technologies (RATs) with different Quality of Service characteristics, able for fulfilling the SG nodes communication requirements. Wireless communications have lots of advantages for implementing a communication network for SGs, however, spectrum is getting scarce due to its significant request. Therefore, resource allocation for supporting different types of SG nodes communication requirements should be performed in order to maximize the resource efficiency while the SG requirements are respected. A cost function is proposed based on the SG node requirements and RATs characteristics for setting the desirability value of all the RATs for a certain node type, aiming at assigning the certain percentage of nodes to the RATs. Two major node communication requirements, namely data rate and delay, are considered in this paper. The numerical results demonstrate that the proposed method allows knowing the desirability value of each RAT for a certain SG node type that helps to setup a heterogeneous network by assigning a certain percentage of a certain SG node type to the different RATs.