Volume 36, Issue 1, February 2017

Blackhole Attack Effect Elimination in VANET Networks Using IDS-AODV, RAODV and AntNet Algorithm [Full Text]

Rand S. Majeed and Mohammed A. Abdala

Abstract— In vehicular ad-hoc networks, security is one of the most challenging problem. This is because of the nature of the network that has high speed, mobility and large amount of network entities, so the controlling of network becomes more difficult and may lead the network to be vulnerable to the security attacks that affect its performance. One of these attacks is the black hole attack, which is a network routing attack that takes advantage of the route discovery procedure of routing protocol, to show itself as having the shortest path to the destination node or to the node that wants to take its packets. In this paper, AODV was chosen to be the routing protocol to transmit traffic mes- sages between vehicle nodes. There are several number of mechanisms to improve the security of AODV routing protocol against blackhole attack. Three classifications of scenarios were implemented in this paper using NS2 simulator (for network simulation) with SUMO simulator (for traffic network simulation) include: scenarios without attack's effect, the scenarios under black hole effect, and scenarios with implement- ing suitable solutions. IDS-AODV, RAODV which are modifications of AODV and AntNet algorithm were used to eliminate the effect of black- hole attack with single and multiple attackers effect. The results of total number of dropped packets was obtained, analyzed, compared, and shows an improvement of AODV routing protocol performance.